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Welcome to Endeveren Family Medicine

An Ideal Medical Practice

Endeveren Family Medicine is an Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Practice located in Omaha, NE. We gladly treat all ages from children to the elderly. Nichelle Horton-Brown, MD treats physical symptoms, prescribe medications, and diagnose conditions and much more. The practice follows the Ideal Medical Model. The name says it all….everything you want a medical practice to be.


What is an Ideal Medical Practice?

You visit the doctor in hopes of maintaining your good health or improving your health if it is not so good.  You want to understand the issues surrounding your health. You want enough time to ask questions and have a good understanding of the answers when you walk out the door. You do not want to feel rushed, as though your physician is preoccupied or hurrying off to see the next patient. In a nutshell, you want TIME.

That is what Endeveren Family Medicine will provide. By using technology, specifically electronic medical records, and maintaining a small practice (in terms of space and patient load), I am able to spend more TIME talking and listening to you. You will have enough time to ask your questions and you will leave the office understanding the answers.

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